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Active Ingredient: Amisulpride
Other names for this medication:
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Solian 100mg

PackagePer PillPriceSavingsBonusOrder
100mg × 10 pills$3.13$31.33+ ViagraAdd to cart
100mg × 20 pills$2.56$51.26$11.39+ LevitraAdd to cart
100mg × 30 pills$2.37$71.2$22.77+ CialisAdd to cart
100mg × 60 pills$2.18$131.02$56.93+ ViagraAdd to cart
100mg × 90 pills$2.12$190.84$91.08+ LevitraAdd to cart
100mg × 120 pills$2.09$250.66$125.24+ CialisAdd to cart
100mg × 180 pills$2.06$370.3$193.55+ ViagraAdd to cart
100mg × 270 pills$2.04$549.75$296.02+ LevitraAdd to cart

Solian 50mg

PackagePer PillPriceSavingsBonusOrder
50mg × 10 pills$2.9$28.98+ CialisAdd to cart
50mg × 20 pills$2.37$47.43$10.53+ ViagraAdd to cart
50mg × 30 pills$2.2$65.87$21.07+ LevitraAdd to cart
50mg × 60 pills$2.02$121.21$52.67+ CialisAdd to cart
50mg × 90 pills$1.96$176.56$84.26+ ViagraAdd to cart
50mg × 120 pills$1.93$231.9$115.86+ LevitraAdd to cart
50mg × 180 pills$1.9$342.58$179.06+ CialisAdd to cart
50mg × 270 pills$1.88$508.6$273.86+ ViagraAdd to cart

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