Securetabs Review

Welcome to an unbiased securetabs review. Secure Tabs have been known to be one of the leading generic medicines supplier online and we decided to test them out. This page contains our findings. Please keep in mind that these findings are not hearsay - we approached them as any other customer and judged everything from customer service, pill quality, packaging and shipping.

BEWARE: Important Announcement

Securetabs now has serious problems with their credit card processing with plenty of reports of credit card theft surfacing. So, we recommend texaschemist.COM instead. passed all our tests with flying colors. They have proved to be one of the more reliable suppliers of generic medicines on the internet.

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Our Findings

  • secure tabs package
    Package and Shipping

    Securetabs was just about ok when they didnt have the current credit card processing problems - but with TEXASCHEMIST.COM the pills arrived on the 2nd day(to Florida) and the package looked as shown in the picture. Absolutely no hints to the contents of the parcel. It came sealed and inside was another bubble-wrapsealed package housing the drugs. It was secure, no danger of your neighbour or even your wife knowing the contents and best of all the drugs inside seemed well protected.visit

  • securetabs pills
    Medicine Quality

    We thoroughly checked the batch number, distributor and the manufacturer and it checked out well. The generic cialis and viagra pills worked well and also passed all pill quality checks wrt consistency and binding agents. The manufacturer of the generic viagra drugs we received was CIPLA and they are the leading manufacturer of generics in the world.Read More >>

  • price
    Top Quality Generics

    The prices are very good and are perhaps the best when you consider that they only stock pills from the most reputed manufacturers like CIPLA and Ranbaxy.They also offer 15% discount for all returning customers and if you use our link, you can even avail 8% free extra pills.Read More >>

Why trust Secure Tabs?

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Good online support. Prompt email about order details and online customer service gioves you all the answers you need

  • Save Upto 80% on Your Meds

    You can save BIG with securetabs by buying generic medicines that contain the same active ingredients and binding agents as some of the other brand medicines

  • FREE Shipping

    No cost shipping and discreet packing ensures a cost free and concealed delivery

  • Refund Option

    They do offer refund if for any reason you are not satisfied with their service.

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